Members of the Board of Directors of Wellesley Central (also known as the Tony Di Pede Residence) are committed to its vision of an inclusive society. A vision in which housing inequality is eliminated — allowing all to live, strive and fully enjoy the benefits of belonging to their communities. As advocates of social change, we designed a research plan to reflect three of the values in our strategic vision: partnership, accountability and innovation. Our first project highlighted building the partnerships required to build and operate a not-for-profit residence for seniors and people living with AIDS. The second project focussed on the social dynamics within the residence.

BUILDING A DREAM  The first project was completed by Sarah Switzer and published in 2015. It is a case study of the incredible partnership between the Wellesley Institute, WoodGreen Community Services, and Fife House. Together they designed a built the residence (opened in 2008) on the site of the former Wellesley Hospital. Under the governance of an independent Board of Directors, WoodGreen and Fife manage the building and provide services. This demonstrates our core value that the best solutions come from working in collaboration.

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BUILDING A COMMUNITY  The Board of Directors wanted an independent assessment of life in the residence. Data were collected by interviews with residents, staff and several Board members. Dr Eric Weissman completed the research and a report was submitted to the Board in 2016. It was of value in planning the 2017 strategic plan.

THE FUTURE  The future goal of the Board of Directors is not to financially support or administer research. Our task will be as an advocate and catalyst – bringing together partners to write and submit a research proposals to appropriate funding agencies.